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The Yankee Bet

Whereas our example would have needed three out of four correct picks to make a positive return, more aggressive odds in these bets might only require two wins. The Yankee bet is a more advanced wager that requires players to make multiple correct selections in order to win. This type of bet can be found on many of the larger online sportsbooks, and can be a viable and strategic betting option.

To place one you need to choose 4 different legs in a combo wager. Then choose the Yankee option and the bookmaker will do the rest. So that is a total of eleven bets placed from four selections to make a Yankee Bet. When placing a stake, your unit stake will be applied to each of the eleven bets.

If you go into Yankee Bets expecting to come away with a maximum profit from not all too much work, then you’re going to be disappointed, and there’s no way of getting around that. If you go ahead with the football then you need to pick your market, with the common BTTS and over/under goals being valid selections. Nothing really changes in regards to these options with a Yankee Bet, and it’s down to what you feel comfortable with. It’s not for everyone and the risks are there for all to see, but it’s definitely a viable option in modern day betting. According to folklore, an American soldier placed a full cover bet in the UK during WWII. Some rumours claim he was part of the famous 101st Airborne Division, and his whole unit was shot down and perished on the night before D-Day.

Remember that for the best results of your Yankee bets, we advise you always to use the best bookmakers’ odds as that will ensure maximum returns when you are winning. Our free Yankee bet calculator is more than easy to be used, even those who never used that type of calculator will manage to take advantage of it. Therefore, the odds for the underdogs might look very profitable.

If you bet on four horses in a Yankee bet and each of them wins, you will get paid out on each of the 11 bets. If one is a loser, you will get paid out on the bet that does not involve that particular horse. Another variant that you can use is the Super Yankee bet.

The most popular sports in America also open up the possibility for Yankee bets. They can be made for games in the same league, or by choosing selections from a variety of leagues. Since you must win two or more, usually these selections come from one sport the player knows best. What the Yankee bet does is take the four betting selections you have chosen and make bets on all possible combinations of the four. In general, a yankee bet can be explained as making 11 different parlays, using the same four bets for each, but using different variations and combinations with each new parlay.

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