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These are the Must Have Grooming Tools for Dogs

Must Have Grooming Tools for Dogs

To manage a positive outcome while grooming a dog, you have to know the fundamentals of how to do it properly. You may be a professional groomer who earns a living with your craft and who must depend on your knowledge, or you may be a non-professional who just wishes to maintain a proper look for your dog. In any case, there are must have grooming tools you’ll need to stay on the right course. You’ll find examples and explanations below.

Must Have Grooming Tools for Dogs
Dog grooming Tools

Must Have Grooming Tools

Brushes Brushes for dogs are either bristle, wire-pin or slicker, three groups. The versatile bristle brushes get rid of mats and can break down layers of hair for trimming and styling. For dogs that have wooly or thick coats of fur, the wire-pin brushes are best. They come with or without rubber tipped bristles. The slicker brushes come with wire bristles that are fine. For dogs that have heavy undercoats, these brushes are optimal. Slicker brushes are not intended for smooth-coated dogs.

Combs  You’ll find that combs for dogs come in many sizes and styles for different purposes. The combs are fine, medium or wide-toothed, and occasionally you’ll find combs that combine the three for added benefit and convenience. Medium-tooth combs are all-purpose, where fine is for soft and silky coats and wide is for heavy coats and removing stubborn mats.

Dog Clippers and Blades  There seems to be no agreement on dog clippers and blades in the dog grooming community. Everyone has their own favorite and, thus, you’ll need to decide which tool is right for you. Dog clippers and blade models vary. Some have snap-on blades that are easy-to-change while others require you to have a tool to change the blades. Using and maintaining clippers is of primary importance to training programs and professional dog grooming schools. The snap-on combs have assisted in making grooming more useful.

Clipper Vacuums  The clipper vacuum, designed to enhance pet grooming, was launched in the 1990s. It has a simple construction, which may make one wonder why it took so long to be introduced. There is a vacuum hose sucking the hair while the clipper is running. As a result, the number of floating hairs, dander and dirt is reduced, which facilitates cleanup.

Scissors and Shears – The choices and points of view about scissors and shears is as varied as they are about clippers. There are many styles for scissors including curved, straight, blunt-tipped and those intended for thinning. In professional training schools and programs, students are instructed on what scissors and shears to use and on what kind of dogs. Always buy quality scissors and shears. They last longer and reduce the need to replace scissors and shears that have dull or broken blades.

Bathing  It may surprise you that bathing equipment for dogs extends beyond just shampoos, conditioners and lotions. For example, there are also wash stations that are mountable and stainless steel tubs that have easily manipulated shower heads. You can also find liquid dispensers, such as for shampoos, for bathing a dog.

Nail Clippers  Dog nail clippers are fundamental for dog groomers. You can find them in numerous sizes for the multiple breeds.

Grooming Table  You can find these tables in three variants  stationary, hydraulic and electric. The hydraulic version has a table that can be raised or lowered by the groomer via a pumping action. The electronic tables are raised and lowered with a built-in motor that is located below the tabletop. You can also find accessories for grooming tables.

Specialized De-matting Equipment  If there is a lot of matting on a dog, a brush or a comb may not do the trick. This is where de-matting tools come into play. A dog mat splitter can break up a mat in ways that a brush or a comb cannot. This tool is essential for expert groomers, and it comes in various forms. To use this tool correctly, ensure that you receive instructions.

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