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German Shepherd: How To Care For A Dog Properly, How To Feed A Pet And How To Train It

Groom a german shepherd

How to groom a German shepherd? This is the question that most of the pet owners ask after purchasing a four-legged friend. German shepherds are extremely intelligent and noble animals. They are loyal to the owner and are ready to protect him until the very end, but without long care and nutrition, the pet will not be able to live a long and happy life. Shepherd dogs have good health, but there are nuances for German shepherd grooming, which must be taken into account when acquiring a puppy.

How To Care For A Puppy?

German shepherd puppies are very active and temperamental, and if you do not care for them properly, then a good guard dog will not grow out of them. When acquiring a puppy of this breed, the owner should understand how much responsibility he takes.

It is best to keep German shepherds outdoors in a spacious aviary in a private house. This applies to both adult dogs and small puppies. The pet will need to run and play a lot, and for this, do a German shepherds shed or a large aviary with a platform, a canopy and a warmed booth, where the puppy can wait out the bad weather, is perfect.

You can keep the animal in the apartment. Then you have to equip it with the place for your pet in a warm corner, hidden from drafts. To do this, you will need to buy or make a soft couch with replaceable pillowcases, which must be changed twice a week for hygienic purposes.

At first, the puppy may be sad and miss its mother. To calm the animal a little, you need to stroke it, give goodies, play, embrace it, calm it with a gentle voice. German shepherds are very smart and feel emotions very well.


If the puppy lives in an apartment, then you need to walk with it a lot. 30 minutes is enough for a very small two-month-old pet, but a six-month-old teenager can walk for up to 2-3 hours in a row. If the puppy calmed down and lay down right on the street, then he walked up and can be led home.

During the walk, several factors must be taken into account. The puppy does not need additional loads, you should not force it to run after the bike or throw a stick to it endlessly. In the company of relatives, the puppy gets tired much faster, this is a good way to reduce walking time and teach the pet to communicate with other animals.

Puppies love outdoor games. They will happily run after a ball or stick, but do not harass the animal with such activity. The older the animal becomes, the less time it takes for a walk. Hygiene Procedures

The most important thing when grooming a German shepherd is to monitor its eyes. If the eyes turn red, watery, or pus comes out of them, you should contact your veterinarian and follow all the recommendations prescribed by him. Other hygiene procedures are:

  • brushing the teeth every three months with a special toothpaste or powder. Special bones made of leather will help fix the teeth;
  • cleaning the ears once a month with cotton buds and a special product that is sold in veterinary pharmacies. If inflammation is detected, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian;
  • bathing the plush coat German shepherd no more than 2-3 times a month only by strong necessity;
  • do not forget about the German shepherd haircut if necessary.

Caring for puppies is not at all difficult, it is important to observe basic hygienic principles.


In the first weeks, you need to feed the puppy with the same food that the breeder fed it to avoid the child’s stress. At the age of six months, the puppy needs only 2-3 plentiful meals according to a certain schedule. A bowl of food should be given at a certain time for 20 minutes, and then cleaned.

NOTE! Every week you need to check the growth table and if there are strong deviations up or down, regulate this with the help of the diet.

A puppy can be fed with both natural food and specialized puppy food. But the most preferred option is to combine natural and dry food. It is strictly forbidden to feed the puppy from the table with ordinary food; this threatens not only addiction and further begging, but also health problems, for example, obesity. A puppy should always have a bowl of clean, fresh water in an accessible vicinity.

Basic Rules For Keeping An Adult Dog

Before you accept a new family member in the face of a German shepherd, you need to familiarize yourself with how to groom a German shepherd:

  • proper nutrition. The health and longevity of the animal depend on nutrition. The main principles: do not feed from the table, do not overfeed, give only the allowed food and age appropriate, fresh water should always be available;
  • health. It is necessary to take the pet to a veterinarian once a year. If there is a suspicion of a disease, then treatment should be started as soon as possible;
  • physical activity. It is necessary to provide the pet with sufficient space for physical activity (for example, an aviary in a private house) or go out with him for a walk frequently. You need to play with the dog at least one hour a day to splash its physical activity;
  • training and socialization. At a young age, the puppy needs to be introduced to other dogs and people, often picked up so that he gets used to people. In adolescence, it is already possible to start training, which the German Shepherd is good at. It is possible to train an animal throughout its life, encouraging it for success, as this does not only discipline the animal, but also brings together the pet and the owner.

German shepherd grooming is not particularly difficult, but it still requires some attention and time. To do a German shepherds shed is not the hardest of them compared to proper feeding, training and general caring about your new four-legged friend.