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Grooming Your DogThe Right Way

 Grooming Your Dog The Right WayGrooming your dog

There are a few key factors when it comes to grooming your dog thanks the best online slots with free cash no deposit casino and they can make a real difference in boosting the health of your dog’s skin, as well as improving their coat. Without a doubt, brushing is one of these factors and has to be one of the most important priorities since it also brings an abundance of other benefits with it as well. One example is that of the overall improvement in the dog’s coat, however, it also gives the skin a boost and provides nutrients which then encourage good blood flow under the skin.

‘Great’ you may be thinking ‘hang on while I grab a brush, grab Rover and get started!’ Unfortunately, your dog is hardly going to share the same enthusiasm that you have, especially if there are knots and tangles to sort. In fact, if you don’t tackle it the right way from the start you will likely have to pin your poor hound to the ground if you want to brush him again in the future. You need to take a lot of factors into account when it comes to brushing your dog, their coat being one of the main ones.


Grooming Your Dog Needs the Right Brush

How To Choose The Right types of dog brushes

To brush your dog you, of course, need a brush, so firstly you should invest time into choosing the right brush for your dog. There are many elements to consider. For example, longer and coarser coats will have a tendency to matt and tangle easier than short coats will. In the same way, a harsh brush may damage the skin on a shorter coat since the dog does not have a lot of protection to cover the skin. Since it can be rather tricky to decide on which brush to use is vital to take your time and make a choice that will work best for your dog.

The selection of brushes available is wide. In summary, we will outline the main five that you are likely to choose from.

The Bristle Brush Choice

This is the most common type of brush and is designed to work along with skin and coat of your dog to get best results. You can choose from a variety of sizes so choose one that suits the size of your dog. If you have a large dog, you should opt for a brush with large brustles. That being said, you may find that certain bristles will work better with certain coats. A dog with a long coat would likely benefit from longer bristles. Tighter bristles would work better for a dog with a short coat.

The Wire Pin Brush Choice

Pin and wire brushes are ideal if your dog has a long coat or a curly coat since they are stronger than their bristle counterparts and tend to push through any tangles that your dog may have. However, if your dog has a smooth coat they will cause damage and hurt so should be avoided.

The Slicker Brush Choice

This should be used along with a wire brush, it is used afterward to smooth out the coat of a long-haired dog. These brushes are known for getting rid of mats and tangles so work well with dogs that are double coated but should not be used on dogs with single coats.

The Undercoat Rake Choice

This one pretty much explains itself. For dogs with double coats it can be used to remove dead and loose hair from the undercoat. Your dog may be medium or long-haired, it may be small or large … whatever the case and whatever the breed, if it has a double coat you will need this brush.

The Dog Comb Choice

Each and every breed should have a dog comb since it is vital for getting tangles out and smoothing the fur after you have given your dog a bath. It also can go a long way in getting rid of fleas. It is not dependant on your dog’s coat so be sure to invest in a good choice.

The perfect brush combination will vary, depending on the dog, however, most owners will just need a bristle brush and a comb. However, if you have a long-haired dog you may benefit from a wire pin brush as well. At least you can try them out and see how you get on.

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