Dog Grooming Tips The How And Why You Start Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Tips

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Dog Grooming Tips

However, dog grooming is just as important as taking your pet for a walk. Any moment I come across a client whose dog will not allow or accept them to groom, I immediately know that the dog has no respect for its owner.

This is a pet that doesn’t believe that its owner has the position or rights to groom them. And it could be a looming disaster. Grooming your adult dog or pup is essential for several reasons. It aids in creating a strong bond between you and the dog.


Wild dogs and wolves usually groom each other, just as a way of portraying their pack and family unity. Grooming also shows whether your dog accepts you as its provider. Grooming lets you touch your pet all over the skin checking for lumps, injuries, or thorns.

It will also get your puppy or dog used to you handling them in a specific way. I have seen many dogs that do not let their owners give them medication like eye drops or groom them.

This is a trust and relationship issue that originates from when the dogs were pups when they were probably not handled or groomed appropriately.

how to groom a dog When  there Still Young

Begin as soon as the dog arrives. If it comes when it’s still a puppy, you should first start using your hands to get the puppy used to your touches and handling, gently and positively. This is even done in our Puppy Classes.

Most of the dogs I treat for bowl or object guarding issues will not let their owners groom them. As such, early grooming is essential if you are looking to get rid of food guarding or possession aggression when the dog is older.

This is particularly crucial for gundog breeds which are known for their preponderance to guard things. Puppies, as well as adult dogs, must be accustomed to having their bodies, head, and mouth touched when you are looking to take something away so that it does not seem confrontational.

From the moment your dog comes, whether as an adult or a young puppy, play with his flews and brush his teeth. Open their mouth, examine them for tonsils, and look down their throat in a friendly manner and with an occasional treat.

I don’t believe in being the leader of a pack, so, I do not view grooming as a controlling or dominant mechanism. Grooming is just a basic need for your dog.

Why Groom?

Grooming is one of the most basic needs you can provide to your dog and an important aspect of dog ownership.

And just like humans, dogs also need physical maintenance so that they feel and look their best.

Luckily, your dog doesn’t need to bathe as frequently as you, but you must learn how much grooming the dog requires and ensure it is always on a schedule.

Typically, your dog’s grooming needs will depend on its hair type and breed. If your dog often suffers from a nail, skin or ear condition, you need to follow your veterinary’s advice about grooming.

It is equally essential that you use the right grooming tools. Here are some grooming basics to always bear in mind.

Do not overdo the bathing: Once in a week or fortnight is just enough. Bathing your dog too often could dry its skin and deprive it of some natural oils. Not unless you utilize a good shampoo and the right skin care.

Do not use the human shampoos on your pet’s skin because they are not meant for that hair and skin type. Human hair shampoos could dry your pet’s skin, and dry the oils required to promote healthy fur and skin. Instead, it is advisable to use a dog shampoo.


Always apply shampoo from the hands instead of pouring it onto your pet’s fur. This makes it easier for you to smear the shampoo on the parts you need it most.

Do not let water into your pet’s ears since it could result in medical problems like irritation and infections. Squeeze his ears gently shut so as to keep the water out.

You might occasionally have to pluck the ear hairs, particularly for the Spaniel breed which has floppy ears and silky hair. Inquire from a professional groomer or vet how to pluck the hairs correctly and safely without having to hurt your dog.

An ear powder could make the process simpler and quicker because it lets you easily grip all slippery hairs.


Some dogs are in dire need of a drying job. Allowing them to dry naturally can retain their doggy smell. While a typical hair dryer could be right for the job, ensure it is set for cool.

How Often Should You Groom?

The long-haired dog breeds often need daily brushing to prevent tangling and matting of hair.

The medium-haired breeds might be prone to tangles and matting and must be brushed two times in a week.

Most short-haired dogs can go for a week without the need for brushing.

Irrespective of the hair type, you can give your dog a daily brushing, particularly if they like it. Frequent brushing in their shedding season could aid in preventing excess shedding and hair build-up.


It is always beneficial to have your dog’s feet trimmed nice and neat. It reduces the amount of seeds, thorns, salt, tar, etc. which get caught between the feet and which could be a source of discomfort for your dog. Your pet will also look neater.

Use scissors to trim over your dog’s foot and also with some pads on the bottom of its foot. Also, try trimming between the pads or toes of the foot. This should be done with extra caution.

The Ears

Keeping the inner surface of your pet’s ears completely clean not only feels good for your dog but also aids in preventing ear infections.

Checking the outer surface of the ears also alerts you of thorns, fleas, ticks, or seeds. Make an effort of cleaning your pet’s ear at least once a week.

You could use a piece of gauze or a cotton ball with an ear cleaning solution or utilize a baby wipe wrapped around your finger.

Avoid using water since it does not evaporate quite easily. When wiping, try to go down as far as the finger easily fits.

Avoid using Q-tips or putting anything further into the ear canal. This could result in a painful ear injury or infection.

If you feel any bad odor or notice a discharge from your pet’s ears, seek veterinary advice.

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