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Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears Guide

Cleaning your dog’s ears

Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

As part of your dog’s health care routine, you should be checking their ears at least once a week. When you do this, you will be able to easily identify any issues such as ear mites or infections which might require ear cleaning. For most dog’s, you will only have to clean their ears occasionally, but if you have a dog with floppy ears, who likes to swim or has other skin allergies, this should be done more frequently.

If you have been advised by your vet to clean your dog’s ears, do you know what you should do? Ideally, your dog should be used to having their ears cleaned from when they are a puppy. However, this is not always the case and if you are in this situation, you need to know how to clean your dog’s ears.

Be Prepared

The first step in cleaning your dog’s ears is to have everything you need before you start. The items you need include some damp cotton wool and ear cleaner. You may also need to have some ear drops if they have been prescribed by the vet.

If you have a large dog, you will find it easier to clean their ears while they are on the floor. If you have a small dog, it will generally be easier to clean their ears while they are on your lap. There are also some cases where you need a second pair of hands to help you keep your dog still.

How To Clean Their Ears

To start, you will need to lift your dog’s ear with one hand and hold the ear with your forefinger and thumb so you can see the inner parts of the ear. If you have not yet taken your dog to the vet, you need to look for any redness in the ear, any discharge or check for an odor. Wax that is light brown in color is normal, but if there is discharge which is red, the color of pus or black, there could be an infection in the ear which needs veterinary attention as soon as possible.

After the check, you will have to gently wipe the ear with a piece of damp cotton wool. This will remove the wax and dirt near the ear pinna and the entrance to the ear canal. After this, you will need to use the ear cleaner by inserting the applicator tip into the canal of the ear. This cleaner has been designed for dogs so you are unlikely to cause any damage to the eardrum. However, when you administer the cleaner, it is important that you do not insert the tip too far into the ear.

You will then have to squeeze the cleaner bottle to release the solution and massage the base of the ear to disperse this. While dogs tend to like the massage, they will also share their head when you do this. This means that you should keep your mouth closed while cleaning because there will be excess cleaner flying around. If there is excess ear cleaner in the ear canal, you should wipe this away with a damp piece of cotton wool.

If you have seen a vet and been given ear drop, you will need to apply them per the instructions you have been given. You will need to ensure that the drops are in the ear instead of sitting in the outer parts of the ear canal.

Things To Take Note Of When it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears

You should not use cotton buds when doing this because they have the risk of going too far into the ear canal and causing damage. If you have noticed any unusual discharge, you should ensure that you visit the vet because there could be more than just ear wax. If your dog is not happy with you cleaning their ears, you should not struggle with them because you could cause damage. There are qualified people who are able to clean your dog’s ears for you in these cases.